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Investment & Retirement Services

Our in-house Independent Investment Advisors and Certified Financial PlannersTM and their teams provide the following services:

Investment Planning                                           401(k) Management

Portfolio Management                                         Employer-Sponsored & Self-Employed Plans

Asset Allocation & Diversification                      Annuities

Concentrated Stock Analysis                              Pensions

Investment Risk Control Strategies                   RMDs & Withdrawal Strategies

Portfolio Stress Testing                                       College Savings Plans

Retirement Goal Setting                                     Roth IRAs for Children and Young Adults

Social Security Analysis                                     Gifting

Elderly Planning                                                  Business Planning

Legacy Planning                                                 IRA Contributions & Conversions

Defined Benefit Plans                                         Divorce & Widowhood Services

Tax & Accounting Services

Our in-house Certified Public Accountant and his team provide the following services:

Review of Cost Basis                                          Deductions and Tax Credits

Review of Realized Gains/Losses                     Potential Roth IRA Conversions

Carry-Forward Losses                                        Tax Loss Harvesting

Personal & Business Tax Preparation              Accounting Services

FSAs and HSAs                                                    Self-Employed Tax Strategies

Legal & Estate Services

Our in-house counsel and his team provide the following services:

Estate Planning                                                   Charitable Giving

Health Care Proxy                                             Philanthropy

Wills and Living Wills                                       Powers of Attorney

Guardians for Minor Children                          Probate

Asset Protection Analysis                                Business Planning

Risk Management, Insurance & Real Estate Services

Our in-house insurance and mortgage specialists and their teams provide the following services:

Policy Reviews                                                Homeowner's and Renter's Insurance

Life Insurance                                                 General Liability Coverage

Long-Term Care Insurance                           Health Insurance

Disability Insurance                                       Mortgage Review & Refinancing

Home Buying and Selling                              Lines of Credit

Other Professional Services

We've built a unique network of qualified professionals in the following areas:

Resume Writing                                           New Car Buying Services

Medicare Specialist