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Andrew Sampson

Andrew Sampson

Investment Advisor Representative

With over a decade of experience as a financial advisor, Andrew Sampson has gained a wealth of knowledge in his field.  His primary focus is on financial planning.  According to him, having a solid financial plan is essential.  Without it, he questions how it's possible to determine if clients have the best investments tailored to their individual needs.  He believes the plan forms the foundation for offering the best financial advice and investment guidance.  "Planning helps his clients achieve their goals safely and on time."   

Andrew dedicates much of his practice to business owners.  As an independent financial advisor, he encounters many challenges like other business owners.  He recognizes that growing a business and family income is difficult.  One way Andrew helps his clients accomplish this is through tax strategies that aim to maximize the income his clients get to keep. 

Andrew and his wife Kimber have been married since 2007.  They have two beautiful daughters, Avrie and Ryann.  Andrew is an Arizona native; he loves to spend his free time outside with his family, bonding and exploring.  Kimber schedules and plans events for Andrew.  Avrie and Ryan are young. Still, Andrew looks forward to the day they can participate in the family business.