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Hayley Veal

Hayley Veal

Client Service Representative

As an extension from our affiliate group Mosaic Financial Associates, Hayley joined Wilde Wealth Management Group’s marketing team in July of 2022. She works to bring financial awareness of all services Wilde Wealth provides, whether that be through one-on-one contact, public relations & media, educational events and more.

Not only does she enjoy educating prospective business, but she also works hard to accommodate time-sensitive and strenuous schedules. Hayley is fully dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost service they deserve.

Hayley is a recent honors graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business, completing her Bachelor’s in Business & Technology with a focus in Digital Business Innovation. She plans to further her education in the financial space by pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration next fall.

In her free time, she loves to explore the outdoors through hiking, mountain biking, and camping. Hayley also loves to travel; with her favorite components being the process of learning a language and experiencing new cultural cuisines.