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Josh Rushing

Josh Rushing

Investment Advisor Representative

Josh Rushing is an experienced financial advisor who entered the finance industry in 2015. Josh's journey in finance has been deeply influenced by the insightful teachings of his grandparents, shaping his commitment to planning, legacy, and wise investing.

From his maternal grandfather, a Texas entrepreneur who founded a civil engineering firm, Josh imbibed the significance of forward planning. Conversely, Josh's paternal grandfather, a veteran who navigated the challenges of the Great Depression, found success in the stock market. His disciplined approach to investing, post a distinguished Air Force career, has left an enduring impact on Josh's financial philosophy.

Though Josh's journey led him from Texas to Arizona in 2004, the principles of prudent investing and strategic planning have remained steadfast. Weekends find him immersed in family time, volunteering, coaching soccer, tending to his garden, and enjoying a round of golf.

In his role as a financial advisor at Wilde Wealth, Josh excels in creating personalized solutions for a spectrum of financial needs. Whether you're just embarking on your retirement savings journey, recently retired, or contemplating estate considerations, Josh is here to guide you. For high net worth individuals seeking tax-sensitive solutions or small business owners aiming to invest through their company, he offers meticulously tailored strategies.

As a third-generation investor, Josh understands the transformative power of a well-crafted financial strategy. Beyond managing wealth, he is committed to helping you achieve financial success and leave a lasting legacy.