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Rob Huish

Rob Huish

Senior Wealth Manager

Rob Huish joined Wilde Wealth Management Group in May 2021. Rob learned at an early age that dedication and hard work lead to success. Raised in a small town in southern Arizona, he excelled in academics and athletics. He believes in taking care of your neighbor and your family while treating others as he would like to be treated. He understands that clients want to make money, but need to be able to sleep at night. He only gives advice he would take if he were in their situation.

Rob has provided financial service for over twenty-three years. He earned his BA Degree from Arizona State University in Business Management. Having worked as a Personal Banker, Business Development Banker and Premier Banker, he attained a wide array of financial experience in lending, insurance and structuring accounts to provide efficiency, flexibility and income.

His goal is to generate an income stream using dividend growth stocks so that clients may rely upon income to pay their bills, just like they did during their working years.  Since we cannot control price, we do not rely on high prices to pay our bills.  We spend the dividends and keep the shares invested to produce the dividends. 

Rob’s focus in investing and portfolio management is to keep the process simple.  His guidance is given in common terms that are easy to understand.  He provides an extremely high level of service with a focus on investor education. He successfully manages assets valued over 140 million dollars.