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The Wilde Wealth Way - Podcast

Episode 002 - 2021 Forecast Outlook ft. Trevor Wilde & Gene Goldma

Episode 001 - Estate Planning ft. Ben Zamora

Episode 001 - Estate Planning ft. Ben Zamora

In this episode we dive in with Jaclyn Yoder and Ben Zamora to discuss the importance of estate planning & why it is important, now more than ever, to be buttoned up financially! This episode is littered with secret financial tips, and will assist getting you on track to being confident in your finances!


00:30 - Introductions

02:15 - Ben’s transition to Wild Wealth from Wells Fargo

05:30 - Importance estate planning conversations with clients/family

06:51 - What is probate and how does it work?

08:24 - How to avoid probate

09:45 - Importance of looking at financial documents on an annual basis

10:20 - Difference between an estate plan and a will

13:58 - Online webinar announcement / how to register

14:26 - Conclusion / Outro